Be Happy – 7 Ways (part 1)

Be happy – it sounds great but how do you do it? I started off this year deciding that I wanted to be happier and I want to share some wisdom that was inspired by one of my new favorite books, The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.  Part 1 covers …

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How To Look and Act More Confident At Work

Even if you don’t feel confident, you can still project a confident image at work by paying attention to how you look and sound. Here are specific actions you can take: 1) Speak up. When people are unsure, they may mumble. Louder voices tend to sound more confident. 2) Slow down. Nervous speakers rush …

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How to Succeed With a New Boss

Getting a new boss can be difficult. Here are some questions you should ask to make the transition easier: What Is Important To Them? Many employees make the mistake of focusing their first discussion with a new boss on their own job and career issues. That is important to discuss, however, …

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15 Common Raise Mistakes Women Make And How To Fix or Avoid Them.

Are you making one of these mistakes?  Take this short quiz and then learn practical steps that can help you avoid or fix these problems.

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