How to Succeed With a New Boss

Getting a new boss can be difficult. Here are some questions you should ask to make the transition easier:

What Is Important To Them? Many employees make the mistake of focusing their first discussion with a new boss on their own job and career issues. That is important to discuss, however, it’s helpful to set the right tone by asking the manager to let you know what is important to him or her. What results are they most interested in?

What Can You Do To Help Them? What does your boss want from you? One of my new employees asked me what she could do to make my job easier. I really appreciated that kind of support.

How Do They Like To Get And Give Information? Some managers prefer to talk through issues in meetings and others just prefer quick update emails. It’s important to understand how your manager likes to communicate and adapt your style. For example, if your new manager dislikes details and just wants to talk about the big picture, that’s what you should do in order to get heard even if you’d rather focus on details.

Do They Know Your Accomplishments? Give your new boss a results summary with your accomplishments highlighted. Think of this as an internal resume and let your new boss know what you have done for the company. Discuss your strengths and be prepared to talk about how you plan to use them to support them, your team and the company.

Getting a new boss can be a stressful time in your career. It’s important to realize that it’s also a stressful time for your boss. Let him or her know you want to help them be successful in their new role and they will want you to be successful too.